About Swach


What is Swach?

Swach is a robust color management tool for the modern age. It encompasses many features from several design apps we loved into a one stop shop color app.


Why did you build Swach?

We wanted to make the features of many popular macOS only design apps available to all designers and developers on all platforms. It was also a great learning experience in releasing cross platform software. You can read more about what we learned in our case study.


Why should I use Swach?

We believe Swach is everything you could need combined into one color app. It offers color palettes, a color combination generator (color harmonies), a contrast checker, and a color picker tool in one cross platform app you can use on macOS, Windows, and Linux. We are constantly working to improve Swach and we love to hear from our users and incorporate their valuable feedback into the core features of the app.